Monday, 15 September 2014

Adding more Mimco to my collection

I would never pay retail for Mimco.  RRP is not worth the quality of products, especially their bags and wallets.

However in the past 2 weeks I've acquired 2 new Mimco bags.  Both were on sale (of course) and the sling bag I bought for almost 70% off!

I've needed a laptop bag ever since I started fulltime work (some 8 years ago).  I had been known to carry my laptop around in a Sheike shopping bag (yep those thin cardboard bags) or in my hands (not good when you are juggling your normal handbag + laptop + power supply + mouse + coffee).  I hate those bulky laptop bags work gives you and I find they add unnecessary weight.  This Mimco bag doesn't scream "I have a laptop in here please rob me" but has an inner padded section for your laptop.

I've also needed a sling bag since forever.  I had been eyeing this hip bag off but was certainly NOT going to pay $250 for it.

I punched some extra holes in it to shorten the strap and now it sits perfectly on my hip!

Have you made any new purchases recently?


  1. Great buys and good to know you got them for a fair price.

    Been a bit boring. Saving for a US trip and on a bag buying ban.

    SSG xxx

    1. OOooh US trip sounds good!! Definitely worth banning yourself in Aus to stock up in the States!

  2. nice finds! i would never, ever pay full price for mimco. same goes with country road and witchery, since they almost always go on sale. i've always tended to shy away from mimco bags, since they always look so... mimco (know what i mean?). but the ones you got are really nice!

    reckless abandon

    1. Oh I absolutely hate the iconic Mimco button bags from back in the day. Agree these look less Mimco-y than others :)

      It's so hard to pay retail when they go on sale so frequently (also because Aussie retail is just unjustifiably exxy).


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