Thursday, 18 September 2014

Health Kick

I'm not one of those "let's get healthy" people.  I don't make new years resolutions.  I also believe in moderation and so have never put myself on a diet.

But lately my body has been in pretty bad shape.

I'm having constant (every hour of every day) neck, shoulder and back pain.  My headaches are coming back (had a headache for half of last week) and my period pain has come back with a vengeance (TMI?).  I'm even getting said period pain not when I have my period.  Cool.

Seriously, I'm 28.  If I'm having these physical issues NOW, what on earth is going to happen when I'm 35 and pregnant?  Or when I'm 70?  Just the thought of it scares me.

SO.  What am I doing about it?

  1. Started seeing a physio and being diligent about doing my home exercises
  2. Will also start doing Pilates with my physio (due to my hypermobility - more on that later)
  3. Joined the gym today!  Yet to walk inside the gym though.... 
  4. Drinking my recommended 1.4L of water a day (apparently that's what I need to drink for my weight)
  5. Eating healthy - have always been reasonably healthy so not a great deal of change there
  6. If I do need a mid-arvo snack, I've stocked my desk with nuts or I'll reach for a piece of fruit
  7. Go for a walk if I'm starting to seize up in my neck/shoulder/lower back
All these things are minor adjustments to my life so I'm more likely to stick with it.  I'm finally listening to my body and investing the time and money now.  Hopefully this will prevent longer term problems.

What kind things do you to for your body?


  1. I accept it for what it is. Pretty old and the only one I've got.

    Jokes aside, I look after it as best I can. Like you, with exercise, reasonable food choices and staying hydrated.

    It's definitely not the best one out there but it's the best I can make it and I'm happy with that. At last.

    SSG xxx

    1. Being happy about it is so important. Glad you have such a positive attitude towards it :)

  2. This sounds EXACTLY like me.
    TMI but I've had pretty 'easy' periods until this year, feel like I'm gonna die from the pain. To top it off had severe knee pain for 3 months and now back pain.

    I do yoga for 20mins a day at home, then gym as much as possible, although I have zero motivation when I'm in pain as it is.

    I drink water really easily now, got one of those plastic cups with a straw and put a few bits of cucumber in it, I drink it out of habit just cos it's there.

    1. Oh no I'm so sorry to hear that :( If it's any consolation, I've had pretty wretched period pain my whole life - at least you've only had it recently.... does that help?

      Oooh that's such a good idea putting cucumber in water. I'm definitely more inclined to drink water when it looks pretty like that. Do you just add cucumber?

  3. good on you for being so proactive with your body and your health. it will make a difference! i recently got diagnosed with a joint condition that is exacerbated by stress, carrying heavy weights and bad posture. it gives me lower back problems. the specialist recommended healthy eating and regular exercise, which is such a good motivator for me to do all those things! it helps that the new job i've started has a free gym and great classes, so i try to go 4-5 times a week mixing it up between a gym programme, pilates, aerobic class and spin. eating healthy can be tough for me at times, but i think it's about striking a balance more than anything.
    hope you feel better soon!

    reckless abandon

    1. Wow free gym sounds amazing!! Sorry about the joint condition. Hypermobility is also a joint condition and I've also got lower back problems. It sucks but I'm glad you are getting it looked at.

      Oh I'm all about the moderation. I don't think depriving your body of a single food group is necessarily the best way to be healthy.

  4. I know where you are coming from. It's all the years of sitting at a desk
    and sometimes late that it's taking it's toll. I've also made
    an effort to look after my health as well. I started to get remedial massage which helps. I can give you a rec if you like in the CBD.

    1. Oooh yes please! I had an amazing CBD masseuse but she only works on Sundays now and it's a bit difficult for me to get into the city with all the million other stuff I'm doing.

      My best friend sent me an article on how bad it is to sit at a desk all day long - really scared me. I've found that drinking more water makes me need to go to the bathroom so I'm at least getting up.


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