Monday, 23 December 2013

11 minutes.

That's how long it took me to drive to work this morning.  I love school holidays + Christmas holidays + free parking at work.

Actually I'm a bit disgruntled to be here today.  I came to work excitedly last Friday ready for my last day of work for the year (despite a marathon 7am til 1pm meeting) and looking forward to some time off.  At 10am my boss told me I would be working over the Christmas 'break'.  Not happy Jan.

Then we went for a team lunch/drink and I forgot all about it.  I had a Pink Octopus cocktail, it was delicious.  I also had some fish which was also delicious.

Good to see the rest of Sydney getting into the festive spirit -

I had a Christmas and Kris Kringle dinner with friends which is our yearly tradition.  The Kris Kringle game always proves to be very funny and it's always a late night.  I told a friend I would shame his butter consumption publicly because frankly it's disgusting.

Sunset at my friend's apartment balcony is always a hit because ummmm well check out the view.

I only STARTED my Christmas shopping 2 days ago.  I am NOT prepared for this Christmas at all.  Still trying to get a few things sorted around the apartment (iinet technician can't come out til 10th Jan so no internets for us but hooray we have Foxtel and hooray we have a microwave).

Hope everyone else is more prepared for Santa than I am!


  1. Merry Christmas!!!!!

    I to loved the traffic this morning.

    SSG xxxx

    1. Thanks SSG. Hope you had a great Christmas with the little one :)


  2. The bus was quick for me too today! Hooray for people being on holidays.

    That view is beautiful. I wish I had a view from my place.

  3. This is why the big shopping centers are open 24-36hrs today. :P

  4. Can you be really told you have to work over the break? What if you have made holiday plans already?

    1. I guess I could've said no, but at the same time I'm negative a few weeks annual leave so if they're letting me work I'll have to take it.


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