Monday, 30 December 2013

Food, beach, tunes, drinks, flowers, bridge.

I thought the period between Christmas and New Years was meant to be quiet given the craziness on either side of it?

On Friday night I went to my cousin's birthday dinner which ended up being a really fun night.  The birthday girl made a 3 layer chocolate meringue torte with mocha creme patisserie which was beyond amazing.

I was all ready to leave my house in my new perspex Maison Martin Margiela x H&M booties but did a last-minute footwear change and opted for Louboutin booties instead (the perspex booties are a size too big and I haven't worked out how I can manage that.  Thick socks + full length insoles and they're still too big - any other tips??)

Aforementioned 3 layer chocolate torte
On Saturday I went to the beach with mia famiglia and I GOT BURNT.  My back is very red and I'm feeling very sorry for myself and had to go out and buy some aloe vera because of course I don't have anything at home to deal with sunburns.

On Saturday night my boyfriend's band played at The Star - if any Sydneysiders are keen to come along, they're playing at The Star again on 11th Jan.  I think they're also doing a gig in Bondi in Jan.  They're a covers band so they'll play stuff you know (old and new).  Andy Lee (of Hamish and Andy fame) said, "I think Furnace and the Fundamentals are Australia's premiere cover band" after they played at Hamish and Andy's Christmas Party.  Ling's come along before so she can vouch for them.

I had another footwear crisis and ended up changing shoes again just before we left the house.  What's wrong with me?!?!

(Please ignore white boy in the background putting his belt on) 

Yesterday I went for a leisurely walk and discovered a rose garden near my apartment.  Beautiful!



  1. Fab outifts! H&M hurry up and get to Oz already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year! Getting in early.

    SSG xxx

    1. I know H&M is my favourite European chainstore!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks BB, always a compliment coming from you xx

  3. That cake looks pretty nice, love cherries!

  4. Sympathies on the sunburn! It's horrible, and it takes ages for skin to recover afterward.

  5. Gorgeous outfit, it's got chic/rocker chick rolled into one. That 3 layer chocolate meringue torte looks and sounds amazing!
    Sucks I am not in Sydney, I hope the gig goes really well for your boyfriends band.
    Gorgeous garden, I love finding hidden treasures. Nice to admire and not have to look after it yourself.
    Love the "Be Yourself" in the the pavement its a nice reminder. And the toe nail polish is a great colour.


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