Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Bruce the Mailroom Guy and I are best friends

He's awesome, he emails me when packages come in for me.  If I don't come to collect it before he does the rounds, he delivers it to my desk.  If I pass him in the hallways he asks whether I've had a chance to collect the parcels and then jokes about how I single-handedly keep him employed.

Bruce asked me to collect a whopping 5 parcels yesterday and by the time I got to the mailroom there was a 6th package waiting for me.

Today I got an email asking me to collect the 3 packages that had arrived.  I wish I could say the 9 packages were all Christmas presents but alas I have been doing some Kay shopping (naughty).

I originally happened upon Everlane when searching for silk shirts but have since discovered their range of 100% cotton tees and converted a few people already.  At $15 a tee it's super affordable although you have to factor in the US parcel forwarding costs as they don't ship to Australia yet (I've heard rumours they might be soon but haven't heard any updates).

An amp stand for le boyfriend for Christmas which they sent in a huge-ass box and charged me for 4.5kgs when the amp stand itself is less than 1kg.  I've lodged a dispute with Hopshopgo and just waiting for a response.

A pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones and a Panasonic Lumix camera which is super tiny/easy to carry around.  I don't NEED either but I was very angry the last time I was on a plane with a screaming toddler the entire flight so the headphones will make me a bit happier.

These Louboutin booties are super comfy!  Love!

All my containers are Lock & Lock because they keep food fresher for longer but I decided I  needed glass containers so I can heat my lunch up in the container and not have to worry about fumes coming off plastic containers and into my food.  And it came with a free bottle cleaner (strangely, something I actually need right now).

And some 100% cotton towels because our washing machine has made all our current towels hard like sandpaper.  Tom likes it because he thinks it exfoliates him but I hate it.  New washing machine = new towels!

Lastly, here is a pic of me in a sombrero.  For no good reason except because I want to.



  1. Great purchases!
    Just wondering - have you ever been charged duty/gst if your parcels from overseas arriving on any one day total more than $1000?
    I buy a lot online too and even though I keep all my pruchases under $1K I sometimes worry that they will happen to arrive on the same day and I will be hit up with tax...

    1. I've been VERY careful about not exceeding the $1K threshold. The only time I've ever done it was many many years ago when I bought a Dior handbag for USD$900 or so but didn't realise when it got converted to AUD it came to $1300. They didn't charge me though, I must've been very lucky.

      If you're not sure when parcels will arrive you could get some of the parcels delivered to your friend/partner/sibling. Would that work??


  2. I went straight to the Everlane website and love the stuff! I think I need to order another shipment of clothes from the US.

    Cute shoes - a nice early Christmas gift!

    1. How great is Everlane!! My only gripe is their XS is generally too big for me and they don't go smaller than xs :(

  3. Love the booties ❤️️ My relationship with Australia Post is getting more intimate after my online shopping frenzy of late. Now off the check out Everlane cotton tees x

    1. Ooooh I want to see pics of said online purchases :) Everlane is the bomb dot com.


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