Saturday, 19 October 2013

Buenos Aires through my camera

I'll be quiet for once and just let you enjoy pictures of Buenos Aires.

Recoleta Cemetary - bit of a weird concert travelling halfway across the world to go to a cemetary.  It's more a collection of mausoleums and some of them are just spectacular.  Families buy mausoleums (you can't buy them anymore though) and can house up to 35 people.  There are quite a few famous people buried there.  Plus cats errwhere


Eva Peron (Evita)'s tomb

Colon Theatre

The Obelisk

Empanadas galore

San Telmo markets are on every Sunday


Tom with my sister and my cousin (the bride)!

Apple pancakes with dulce de leche sauce

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  1. Tom and you colour coordinated! So cute! I am hungry seeing all that lovely food you had on your amazing trip!


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