Friday, 25 October 2013

Exercise, or lack thereof

So I don't exercise.  At all.  Yes feel free to judge me, I judge myself.

My problem is that I just have no motivation to exercise.  I have no inner desire to exercise.  On the rare occasion that I do exercise I don't seem to get this elusive rush of adrenalin that everyone talks about.  What is wrong with me??!

Recently I have been under so much pressure at work that it's affecting me physically.  I come home with the worst lower back ever, I'm getting headaches daily, I'm not sleeping well at all (tossing and turning until 2.30am most nights).  I think some exercise would do me a lot of good at the moment.

I'm hoping someone can give me advice on how to ease into exercise, tips for activities that are easy/convenient to do (ie so I can't make excuses).  I can't run (well I physically am able to move my feet but I'm anatomically challenged as a runner and it just isn't pleasant for me) and I'm not very good at ball sports.

Advice anyone?  Please!


  1. Forget the jogging and the ball sports, what's wrong with just walking? If you are going from nothing it is all it will take to make a huge difference. Just look at the vic gov walking facts:

    I'm sure it's the same in every state ;-)

    I would almost guarantee you'd get the happy-feeling at the end of a 30 minute walk. Or your money back. Or something.

    Good luck!

  2. Hey babeeeee!
    Do you like to swim? Esp considering it's coming up to the warmer months?
    Or what about trying out some classes to see what you like and dislike like yoga, pilates, body attack etc?

  3. How about tennis at the Country Club? You'll meet new people. :)

  4. I'd go with walking, and I also couldn't live without yoga. Both help me to clear and calm my head so much (crazy job!)! Find something you like-maybe dancing? x

  5. I'm going to suggest walking, yoga or Pilates too. Something gentle and relaxing.

  6. Yoga yoga yoga! Honestly I used to think it was such a wank, but it has helped me so much. I was exactly the same, never sleeping properly and stressed out of my head at work. I still stress but it's not impacting my sleep (much) any more.
    I also go to sleep to a meditation track on my iphone if I am not sleepy/ wired and it 99% of the time works.
    Other than that, try and do things on the weekend that involve walking, at the beach etc.

  7. I started out with Yoga and a spot of swimming. It is still hard for me to push myself. I know what you are referring to and I was there myself. With running, I started out with walking and am happy at my current pace which is pretty much a jog. I don't know what else to say, because I don't get the rush either, but I konk out at night and can justify my carb intake. That's all I exercise for a the moment. Don't give up on it even when you don't enjoy it.

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  9. I have the same problem as you. I didn't exercise and thought nothing of it. But years of sitting behind at a desk does catch up to you. I bought a bike recently and go bike riding leisurely. If you get a bike make sure you get one that is perfect for your size (I am small like you too)
    I used to walk but bike riding has made it interesting that you can get around much faster.
    My bf also had a kayak but it has the option of being a tandem. So if I come along we just put in a piece that makes it a 2 seater. It's good from a flexibility and storage point of view.
    Both activities are not so much strenuous as such. It's good to just get out and get some sunshine at the same time.
    Ps: It's also an excuse to go shopping for some exercise gear :)


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