Saturday, 26 September 2015


  • They don't lay-by here.  Fullstop.  They don't even understand what the concept is.
  • Poundland only sells things for £1, unlike the Dollar Shops in Aus
  • "Hi, how are you going?" is ALWAYS met with a blank stare and silence.  They don't know what you're asking.  Try "Are you alright?" instead
  • UK gogglebox is terribly unfunny compared to the Aussie version.  Also no eye candy.
  • Online shopping here is set up so well.  You can buy online and pick up instore, you can have it delivered next day or elect a specific time and date for delivery.  You can get your groceries delivered.  You can get refunds for most things no questions asked.  If you need to return anything there are multiple ways of doing this and they are all free for the consumer.
  • For someone who is petite with wide feet, I can actually buy clothes and shoes that fit me well here.  A number of retailers have petite lines of clothing and wide fit shoes.
  • Food in general is pretty bland.  For a good feed I'll choose an ethnic restaurant (any ethnic restaurant from Chinese to Lebanese to Thai).
  • Coffee is rubbish.  I'm trying (slowly) to switch to tea
  • I know I've said it before but public transport here is reallllllly good and efficient and quick
  • You can pay for public transport by just tapping your credit card instead of tapping your Oyster card on the card reader things
  • Always take an umbrella.  Always. Take. An. Umbrella.
  • There is so much on - every day.  I absolutely love that.  I've always been a big city person, can't ever imagine myself living in the country.  And I often felt like even Sydney wasn't big enough.  On a rainy weekend there wasn't much to do.
  • Oreos taste better in London.


  1. Interesting to see the differences between Aus and London! I wonder what I'll find with the US and here.

    Good to see they do wide foot shoes. That's my biggest problem here...size 9.5 and wide feet haha

    1. I'm sure you'll get wide fit shoes in the US. But if you don't, you know where to find me :)

      You should definitely do a post about random differences with the US and Australia!

  2. O.O I must come to London to buy shoes! No Cinderella feet here, I wear mens' dancing shoes because my feet spill over the sides!

    Oreos, are they made in London? Here china makes them, so we don't expect much. :P

    1. Hehe I totally feel your pain. My feet pinch in pretty much all shoes - that's why I love wearing thongs but alas in London thong weather only lasts about 2 weeks ahaha

      I have no idea where London oreos are made but I think there's less filling which makes it less sweet which to me makes it yummier,

  3. I see things haven't changed with English coffee - totally hopeless.

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