Thursday, 6 June 2013

Vivid Sydney!

I go to Vivid Sydney every year because it's just beautiful.  I think I have an appreciation for this city/country and tend to do more touristy things because I grew up in a third-world country.  It makes you appreciate the little things like being able to walk down the street without being chauffered by a driver who's carrying a gun for protection.

Anyway I digress.  Last year I was hugely disappointed by the Opera House show - they just had a chick 'dancing' on the Opera House and that was about it.  I prefer more colour/shapes/geometry and this year they delivered!

PS - my blog now comes with watermarks to prevent photo stealing.


  1. So beautiful! I wish I was in Sydney to see it:)

  2. There were such mixed reviews about this year that I'm disappointed I didn't get to see it and judge for myself. Oh well, there's always next year!

    1. That's a shame! Try and make it next year :)

      It seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year, involving more of Sydney which is great!


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