Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mad Hatters High Tea @ The Westin, Sydney

I'm a sucker for anything with a novelty factor and this High Tea has loads of it.  Called the 'Mad Hatters High Tea' it's got an Alice in Wonderland theme to it, complete with bottomless tea and coffee and an optional alcoholic beverage if you are feeling that way inclined.  I decided to stick with my tea and coffee because 10am is too early to have champagne, even for me!  My girlfriends didn't disappoint though - they opted for the champagne and cocktail alternatives.

I took the opportunity to wear my outrageously fancy Louboutins which hadn't been worn yet.   I tried these on at David Jones which, at 40% off still had a price tag of $1,800ish.  Couldn't believe my lucky stars when I found the same pair in my size on UK eBay for considerably less.  They were snapped up in a quick second.

(On a side note, I didn't realise how many rose gold accessories I had in my wardrobe til I was trying to match these shoes.  I'm wearing my marine YSL Arty in rose gold, a Mimco rose gold mesh pouch, and a rose gold bracelet from eQuip!)

Back to the food - how pretty does it look!  The savouries were amazing (I've always been a savouries girl) but I found the purple macaron (aka clock) was sickly sweet and I peeled off all the fondant on the top hat and just ate the chocolate cake inside. 

Loved their Earl Grey and also loved their mini teapots hehe

Here's a photo of some headless bodies to prove I didn't go to High Tea by myself :)

I freaking love scones.  Mainly because I love cream.  The raspberry jam was delicious!

On our drive home we got stuck in an awful traffic jam.  They had closed down one lane on the bridge for repairwork, then there was also trackwork along the bridge.  It took over an hour to get home.  At least we had a good view though :)


  1. That high tea looks amazing! I love the mad hatter theme. Oh and your loubs :)
    S x

  2. Yum! Love high tea! Especially with a champers! x

    1. Hehe I love high tea as well! I try to go at least a few times every year although it's so expensive!!

  3. Oh what a lovely theme! The food looks amazing! I like your grey dress too :)

    Away From Blue

    1. The theme is just so cute. The dress was a hand-me-down from my younger sister haha

  4. I saw this post and immediately decided that The Westin is the next place I'm going to High Tea for. Love the look of the food! And when it comes to scones, I'm definitely a "load up on the cream" person. Good with a bit of jam, but slather on the cream, I say!

  5. OMG i desperately want a scone after reading this !


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