Thursday, 30 May 2013

Going cold turkey

I'm going cold turkey with online shopping where people are involved.  This means eBay, gumtree, and various facebook shopping groups.  I don't want to sound anti-people but..... I hate dealing with people!

In the past few months I've had people offer me ridiculously low and insulting Buy It Now prices for designer stuff I've listed on eBay.  I've had winning bidders contact me immediately after an auction ends asking me to cancel the transaction as they can't pay for the item.  As a seller who cannot leave negative feedback to a buyer, what else can I do?  And then there's those buyers who win an auction and just never pay and never respond to your messages.  And then there are those sellers who you pay for an item, and then they turn around and tell you they want to keep the item and that they will refund you.

Maybe it's the IT nerd in me but I only want to shop when computers are involved.  The computer shows me there is stock in my size, I put it in my virtual shopping trolley, I pay for it, and it magically appears in my hands a few days later.  I am much happier in these circumstances.  And as a seller, I think I might try my luck at markets instead of eBay.  Yeah I know there are people involved there but only for the day.  When you go home you never have to see them again.

Also, here is a turkey.  He's cold.

Also, this is a conversation I had with my sister yesterday.  I had to share...

me:  seriously
I feel like a cake
sister me too!!
me:  where can we get cake?
sister a cafe?
me:  oh there's a bakery on harris st
wanna check it out?
sister i cant leave!
i'll just have to eat my caramello koala at my desk :(
me:  grrrrrrrrrrr
why did you bother having a conversation with me about cake if you cant leave your goddamn office for some freaking cake
ok now i'm angry
sister i didnt think you were actually serious
sister haha ok
now i know


  1. Amen to buying only from computer haha! It really sucks that you've had to deal with stingy people who aren't willing to pay what pieces are worth!

    Goodluck! xx

  2. Yes it's so frustrating when people abuse the process with eBay etc. Different values on how to treat people I suppose but it's def infuriating and a waste of time. Grrrr. Love the turkey though hehe xx

    1. Hehe the turkey was my comic relief for the day.

      I seem to always be on the short end of the stick when it comes to eBay transactions, whether as the buyer or the seller! :S

  3. I don't have great success selling on eBay neither. I wouldn't fret though. It's not you it's them! :)

    1. I'm beginning to get turned off eBay to be honest. They've implemented a few things recently which make it more difficult to buy and sell.

  4. lol the items "magically appear in your hands" - so true!

    i've been on a bit of a selling spree on ebay lately - i managed to offload everything i listed which was great, but i also sold my old iphone 4 and the winning bidder told me they didnt want it because their son accidentally bid on it while they weren't at the computer... excuses excuses! pfffft. so i ended up relisting it, but srsly waste of my time!!

    im going to sell some cheaper stuff at a local market in a couple of weeks...i dont care if everything goes for $5, sometimes its just easier to sell it there and then rather than having to deal with internet people and paying for postage etc!

    1. Great work with listing stuff on ebay! I've been doing that a bit too to balance out the guilt from all the shopping I've been doing. I hate when buyers claim they can't pay - I feel like it's been happening quite a bit lately. Like you said it's just a big inconvenience to have to relist.

      Yeah agree with you about markets. Still need to get my act together to book a market stall. Shame we're not in the same city so we can do a market stall together!


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