Thursday, 23 May 2013

Winter Coats

Sydney has cooled down a lot in the past week which means I've been able to wear the coats I've purchased recently!  I am head over heels in love with this pale blue Marcs coat I picked up last month.

I've been meaning a plain black short coat for a while now and took advantage of Marcs $100 off selected coats sale.  It's very similar to the green short Marcs coat I bought last year.

And of course my amazing Burberry trench that I did end up receiving after the whole shipping fiasco.  Unfortunately the thread on one of the buttons has already started to unravel which is disappointing.

The other day I left my office to buy a spoon to eat the soup I had brought from home (my office has no cutlery!).  I came back with 6 spoons (Coles only sold them in a 6-pack), a bag of nuts, 2 apples, masking tape, a permenant marker, and a Harper's Bazaar.  Not because I read Harper's Bazaar but because I wanted the free scarf it came with (and mainly because it was a freezing cold day and I wasn't warm enough).   

It's supposedly a Ginger & Smart design.  When I told my boyfriend I got a free Ginger & Smart scarf he said, "Oh that's nice.  What brand is it?"  haha clueless males!

10 points if you recognised my new Arty!

Lunch break's over, back to work!! (and Happy Birthday Holly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. I really love the colour of the blue coat. I have officially lost its sister the red coat but I still have no idea where. Very random.

    I am on the hunt for a black one.

    That is pretty poor re the Burberry jacket esp if you paid a very high price for it which I assume you would have. Can you return it?

    1. RIP red Marcs coat :(
      I want that coat too but am not allowing myself to buy ANOTHER coat this season.... maybe next year

      Bought the Burberry trench about 4 months ago so can't return it :(

  2. I've got that Marc blue coat too. I love if but I'm not sure what other colours to wear it with besides black & denim. Grey maybe? I'd be so annoyed with the loose button thread on your Burberry trench. You would think for the price they charge each item would get a full inspection. Grrrr. xx

    1. How lovely is the shade of blue? I'm wearing it with blacks/denim blue/white and grey. Even red!

      Yeah quite annoyed at the Burberry trench. According to VF, it's quite common :(

  3. Coatssss... i was eyeing those Marcs ones. Such great quality!

  4. Oh! That scarf is cuuuuute! Damn I didn't see it.
    The baby blue Marcs coat is a gem too love it.

    x x Stace

    1. I love the scarf, not bad for a mag freebie :)

  5. This is the sweetest thing ever! I'm so sorry that I didn't see it. I've had no time to read blogs the way that work has been going but that was my plan for this weekend catching up with all the blogs!

    Scarf is adorable but such a male thing to ask! YES i noticed the arty..It looks beautiful xx


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