Friday, 17 May 2013

Homewares ban over! New quilt cover set and sheets

I've been on a boyfriend-imposed homewares ban for about a year.  I take his point - we live in an apartment with a limited amount of storage space and we're only renting.  It does make sense not to buy things until we buy a house and can choose the colour scheme, etc.

Well, a breakthrough happened a few weeks ago.  My boyfriend decided we needed another set of sheets.  He's a sheet snob - his Mum only ever bought Sheridan sheets and the crazy boy thinks he can tell the difference between 100% cotton and polycotton sheets (I can't).  I already have a set of 1000 thread count sheets I got from Target years ago, but when they are in the laundry we've been using a set of I think 300 thread count sheets that according to my boyfriend aren't 100% cotton.  He was right.  So he demanded another set of 100% cotton sheets.  I reminded him about the homewares ban he had imposed on me.  So he kindly lifted the ban so I could buy a set of sheets.  Whilst the ban was lifted, I sneakily popped a new quilt cover set into my shopping trolley as well.

I dislike all the quilt cover sets we have.  I bought one many many moons ago when I thought it would be cool to have rainbow polka dots.  It now looks weird thrown over a bed slept in by two 27-year-olds.  Another one my Mum bought for me - it's black with embossed circles on it (which I love) but it has a terracota brown border.  I hate brown with a passion.  A few I've inherited have floral prints which is almost as bad as brown to me.  I wanted a new doona cover which said "no, a 5 year old girl doesn't sleep here".

SO, here are my new quilt cover sets and sheet sets:


Haven't tried Linen House before but 1000 thread count sheets are 1000 thread count sheets right?  (Don't shoot me).

In other news, I've become best friends with the mailroom lady at my work.  It's not hard when I'm getting parcels almost every day :$


  1. The colour looks nice! I wasn't a sheet snob until I started staying at posh hotels and liking the 1000 thread count sheets.

    I get my sheets when they have those 50-70% sales over at Sheridan..they actually had one recently! The doona cover I'm not as fussy about...just as long as the sheets feel nice and comfy.

    1. Oh no don't tell me Sheridan was recently on sale :( Have you ever bought Target 1000tc sheets? How do they compare to Sheridan?


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