Monday, 13 May 2013

Mothers Day, Bruno Mars and other goodies

My weekend was HECTIC, much like most of my week was, much like the past 6 weeks have been :S  The only time I had to myself all weekend was Saturday morning until midday which I spent booking some hotels and flights for South America.  The rest of the day was running around to buy my Dad a birthday present, buy my Mum a Mothers Day present, my boyfriend had a 'jam session' with my cousin's boyfriend (an excuse to get together and play guitar on the new equipment he bought), watch the Swans lose miserably against the Hawks, go Strike bowling, have a brunch with my family for Mothers Day, set up a new modem, router and range extender at my parents' place, and have a 'games night' with my cousins. 

Me and my Mumma in Papua New Guinea in the late 80s.  You know it's the 80s by my Mum's perm and jumpsuit

This past weekend and following week is always busy for me because I have Mothers Day for my Mum and Tom's Mum, then my Dad's birthday on the 15th May, then Tom's Mum's birthday the very next day!!  On Saturday, my Dad made his gourmet baked beans with chorizo and we had a nice brunch on the pergola at my parents' place.  I bought my Mum some flowers and bought her a fancy schmancy kettle which boils water at different boiling points according to the type of tea you are drinking (green tea requires water that's cooler than black tea). 

We also gave my Dad his birthday present although his birthday isn't until Wednesday - a new modem/router and wifi range extender.  I bought him a tablet last year for his birthday as he wanted to get into this 'internet thing' and he is loving facebook life!  His only gripe is because my parents have thick double brick walls in the house, the wifi signal is often very weak.  Set all the hardware up for him yesterday and he's thrilled!

We also celebrated Mothers Day with my extended family.  My family never has to worry about going hungry because we over-cater like crazy people.

You know you've overcatered when THIS is only HALF of the leftovers

What else have I been up to?  I bought a new phone - Samsung Galaxy S3 4G....  Still setting it up and playing around with it but will let you guys know what I think of it soon (thankyou to the kind man at the VirginMobilestore who punched out my SIM into a micro SIM even though I'm not a VM customer).

A ridiculously bright pink phone cover is required

I did end up getting a High Distinction for my final semester of my Grad Diploma of Applied Finance.  Done and done.  No more study ever (I say that now....).  I bought myself a little present for getting an HD because despite working my butt off, I really didn't think I actually would.  Ordered from NAP on Thursday night and LITERALLY arrived on my desk as I was typing this....

Work is so crazy, I'm getting better at managing to eat all of my lunch though!

Oh also these arrived in the mail for me last week.  There are no words to describe how amazing they are.

I also received a pair of red bow peeptoes from Valentino last week but I have no photo readily available and I really need to get back to work (if you're on my instagram you would've seen them anyway).


  1. Cutest photo of you and your mumma!
    YSL arrived!! Yay .. Post a photo xx

    1. Yay we're Arty twins :D Will post a pic soon xx

  2. Those shoes are amazing! Post a pic of the Valentino ones... They sound gorgeous!
    Congrats on getting a HD with your study :)
    S x

    1. Thanks Stacey :) I lurve these heels and my Valentinos are equally as amazing. Will post pics for sure!

  3. Sounds like a busy few days!!
    Lol at the massive feast! Its a bit like that with my extended family too!

    Very pretty shoes in the last pic, but I don't know how you can walk in them! Go girl! haha

    1. Hehe when you're 4 foot 10, you learn to walk in anything that will give you extra height!!

  4. LOL look at mama Kay!
    OMG love them shoes like whoaaaa.. NAP is a winner at delivery.
    And congrats on the HD as well!

  5. Haha my family over caters like no one's business, its insane. But leftovers are the best part of life. Hands down. Only second to NAP deliveries. Feel free to mail those valentinos my way once you're done mmkay ;)


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