Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A further 30% off sale stock at Forever New

I'll tell you why I love Forever New.

Firstly, because their quality is pretty good for their price point.
Secondly, their price point.
Thirdly, their sizes haven't strayed into 'vanity sizing' territory so most of the time I actually fit a 6.
Fourth, for the rare times a size 6 actually is too big, they have a size 4 which is tiny beyond tiny.
Fifth, they have free shipping and their online shopping and delivery processes are so easy!

I can normally be found over at asos.com but on the rare occasion I buy from an Australian retailer, most of the time it will be Forever New.

At the moment they are having a further 30% off their sale stock, so I picked up a few items I've been eyeing.

 Bella peacoat - $48.97


Beth Raglan tops - $17.47 each

Sequin sweat top - $34.97

They had website issues this morning I assume due to the high volume of traffic but it's been better this afternoon.



  1. I'm going to ignore this post! God damn hahaha x

  2. Haha, tried to get on earlier but site was crashing. Now trying to decide if I "really" need a new top and skirt!

    1. You do need a new top and skirt Mandy! You do!

  3. I saw that email.. Darn you i need that coat now.
    And you are right about the sizing! I am sick of vanity sizing and pants falling off me.

    1. Been lusting over the coat for a few weeks now - was about to pull the trigger when it was reduced to $70. Over the moon that I waited and only paid $48.

      I hear ya about vanity sizing. The worst part of it is when size 6s fit like 8s, but there's no 4 to fit like a 6 so what do all the size 6 women do???


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