Friday, 3 May 2013

Funny AND cute Friday afternoon video

I can't believe my last post was almost one week ago.  My new job is keeping me ridiculously busy, and by ridiculous I mean scoffing down half my lunch at my desk in as little time as possible between meetings/deadlines.  I essentially cover 3 different roles and 4 different projects so it's a massive juggling act, not to mention I'm still learning all about the industry and the company.  Hopefully it settles down in the coming months so I can manage to eat my entire lunch for once.

ANYWAY, the real reason you read this post is to see adorably cute doggies, right?

Here you go.  I've literally watched it every day since Monday haha.


  1. Busy better than bored sh|tless anyday!!!

  2. I agree with Ling - so much better to be busy than bored but make sure you make time to eat!!! ps: cute video! x


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