Monday, 29 July 2013

Flustered. Exhausted.

That's how I feel, completely and utterly flustered and exhausted.  Last week was SO busy and I didn't get enough sleep during the week or over the weekend so I lay in bed til 8.10am this morning as I physically could not get myself up (even the gloriously sunny 22 degree weather couldn't entice me!).

This post is about to be very picture heavy so I apologise in advance (or is that a good thing?  It means less rambling by me).

Bardot top, Asos faux leather leggings, CL Greissimo, YSL Arty and Amrita Singh earrings

It was Tom's birthday last Monday and we had dinner at Mumu Grill (highly recommend this place, the service is better than every single 5 star restaurant we've been to).  I had steak last time we were here so I opted for the duck this time.  AMAZING.  So so so good.

This is what my desk looked like on Friday.  Was asked to drop everything to complete this task which ended up taking me all day and I still had to finish it this morning.  Maybe not a biggie for the average person but I'm not great with numbers/spreadsheets so it's more painful than you would think.

Went to the shops to get Peppa another jacket.  He hates it.  Check out his "why are you doing this to me?" look.  Poor thing.  He's so old and sleeps outside so even though he hates it, I'm making him wear one.  I've heard about old dogs/humans just dying in their sleep because of the cold.  Am I overreacting?  Also picked up another Glasshouse candle - Oahu.  Mmmm my apartment smelled so good yesterday.

We had breakfast at the Hilton yesterday because we had a BOGOF voucher.  I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the food I must admit.

Yup, THIS is how short I am compared to him (and I'm wearing 7cm heels)

 He's trying to be fancy by eating a donut with a knife and fork....  Really???

And then last night I made homemade ravioli.  Never again.  I broke my pasta machine and the ravioli tasted like cardboard (literally - I am not exaggerating).  Looks a million times better than it tasted.


  1. Wow! How tall is Tom? Or maybe how short are you hehe.. Oh and happy birthday to Tom!

    I am all for animals wearing clothes. Baxter has a coat but he hates it with a passion... So much so that he just freezes when you put it on him and if he has to walk, he ends up walking sideways. It's actually pretty funny!

    Hope you are starting to feel a little better this afternoon.

    S x

    1. Haha the more important question is how short am I? I'm 4 foot 10 I think. Tom says he's 6 foot but I think he's 6'2"

      You're such a sweetie, I'll pass the Birthday wishes on :)

      I guess animals hate clothes because it doesn't feel natural? Hehe how cute that Baxter walks sideways in his coat.


    2. 4 foot 10! This just gave me a new perspective on the pikachu costume.......

    3. Hehe Kace I told you!! One size never fits all because of short-asses like me :)

  2. Happy birthday to Tom, the good at mumu is making me hungry looking at the photos!

    Sounds like things have been crazy, but make sure you get some rest woman!!

    I noticed the arty ring before I noticed anything else haha you look fab as always x

    1. Aww thanks hun. Last night I was in bed by 9.30!! So exhausted.

  3. Sorry the week took it out of you, but you're still looking bright and gorgeous so it's good! Sorry to hear the pasta machine broke. :(

    1. Awww you're such a sweetie :)

      That's ok, I probably won't make pasta ever again anyway. My attempts at pasta making resulted in worse pasta than you buy at Coles so I'll stick to the store bought stuff from now on!

  4. I now know why you love heels! I hate spreadsheets as well, looking at yours reminds me that I don't miss work at the moment!

  5. Awww just looking at your desk made me feel exhausted too. Love all your yummy food pics and you look gorgeous as always. I've tried ravioli too but mine neither looked or tasted good. Hehe xx


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