Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Things I am grateful for...

I was meant to work on my assignment tonight but my brain is full.  I've been thrown into the deep end at work and I am absolutely loving it!

There are so many things that I'm grateful for at the moment:
  • I never thought I would say this but I'm loving getting up at 7.30am and having somewhere to go
  • SO happy to be buying a daily coffee from my favourite cafe again
  • Hooray for only 30-minute train trips!!!  Take that ex-job! :P
  • I have a beautiful 25-minute walk from the train station to my office which is great for me because that's my daily exercise.  All up I walk at least 5.4km every day; I'm a bit sore at the moment but feeling good
  • I get to wear my clothes and shoes again!
  • I've been thrown into the deep end at work which is really challenging because the company works in an industry I've never worked in before.  I work in IT but in the finance industry (retail banking and funds management in investment banking) so I have a sound understanding of both, but my company works in law, tax and accounting so all of it is brand new information to me.  Even though I'm struggling at the moment, I wouldn't have it any other way.  My last few jobs have been less than challenging for me so to be using my brain again feels great!
  • My boss told me yesterday that I'm flying to New Zealand next month to meet the team there as I'll be managing projects and resources there - exciting!!
  • One of my sisters works in the same area as me which  means more sister hang-out time!
  • Moving away from work for a second but everything is really good with Tom and with my family
  • I've started to book accommodation and tours for my South America trip in September - ridiculously excited :D
The only downside at the moment is that I'm supposed to be writing my final assignment which is difficult when my brain is already full with law, tax and accounting information without adding financial risk management to it.  (I got a High Distinction in my exam so I really want to do well with my assignment).  It's by no means unmanageable though, it will just be a hectic fortnight.  And I always prefer being crazy busy to doing nothing.  

My beautiful walk to work

Don't cook laksa when you're wearing white
...and now I'm sitting here eating a Gaytime (2 nights in a row! yep), watching My Kitchen Rules and disappointed that Ashlee and Sophia are still in the competition.  Yay for Andie and Josh being preggers though!

I'm having a gay old time


  1. Wow hd high achiever I'm happy with a credit tese days, balancing full time work with uni is HARD!

    Sth America amazing so jealous!

    Yay for the job ( I'm in banking too) x

    1. I know it really is juggling both study and FT work, especially when you want to do well at both!

  2. So happy that you found something close to home - the commute at your ex job would have been so painful. Also good that you work close to your sister - that used to be the case with my sister and I but she felll pregos and never returned! was fun while it lasted haha.

    I think having a routine is good for the soul - as long as you get to break it up a bit but can totally understand why waking up at 7.30 is actually a good thing.


    - KK xx

    1. I tried to force myself to have a routine when I wasn't working but there's no point having a routine when you've got nothing to do all day!

  3. Love this list and so happy that you've found a job you love and that actually makes your brain tick!
    Also agree with the comment re MRK.. Sophia and Ashlee make my skin crawl I wish they would get off the show, I think they cooked appauling last night! Cute news re: Josh and Andi.. I love those guys!


    1. Sophia and Ashlee make me not want to watch the show because I just can't handle all the rude, bitchy comments. I can see why they're on the show though - they make for great tv

  4. Aw I like this post :)
    I'm also thankful for the lovely 20 min walk from the station to work - but not in cold weather. Haha

    Thats so good that you love your job. Not many people can say that! ( and wow you're juggling uni too! Good on ya!

    I've only just started following your blog so don't know your story, but how long were you unemployed for? Did you like not doing anything for a while? I'm considering quitting my job because it is just bat-shit boring (honestly, i'm more productive when I'm at home!) but don't have a back up yet...just wanna take time out to enjoy life.

  5. Hi Kay! How wonderful to see you so engaged with life at the moment. I am looking forward to getting there again.In the meantime, keep those happy posts coming. PS, I think picking up Accounting, law and tax is much easier than banking... you'll be fine in no time!:)

    1. I think you're right about Law, Tax and Accounting being easier to pick up than retail and investment banking! I'm sure it'll start coming together in the next few weeks, but at the moment it's just overwhelming.

      Hopefully you get there/here soon! It's a state that's difficult to achieve as so many things have to line up together, and also difficult to keep. For me it comes around once every 5 years or so.

  6. Sounds like the new job is going well! I like how you are seeing the positives and being grateful - something I should do more about my job!

  7. Gaytimes are the best! Congrats on the new job xx


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