Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Frugal Feb Update slash Asos Haul

Not sure if it's blasphemous to talk about an Asos Haul in the same sentence as an update to Frugal Feb but here goes.  I've made 'back' over $2,000 so far from eBay and refunds this month.

My Holy Grail Christian Louboutin popped up on ebay in my size (I've been looking for over a year) and although it was a bit steep, I had to have them.  They should be arriving in the next few days but here's a stock pic instead:

I also got some Chanel ballet flats but waiting to exchange them for another pair so I won't show you guys yet.  They ordered a pair in from Perth and were supposed to call me yesterday or today to pick them up but nothing yet.  I might call them tomorrow to find out what the dealio is.

Last night I was on Asos and put a few things in my cart but ultimately decided not to pull the trigger.  This arvo I get an email for an additional 10% off everything (VALENTINE10 btw) and that was the nudge I needed.  I scored all of the below for £56 (yes I still pay in pounds because it works out cheaper, because my credit card doesn't charge currency conversion fees)!

The top isn't really my style but I'm keen to give it a go.  Been eyeing off the black and white polka dot scarf for yonks, and it finally went on sale!  I think I nabbed the last one....


  1. I laughed when I saw your title! Frugal & shopping in one sentence...
    I love those CL's and can't wait to see your Chanel flats. I am living vicariously through your purchases at the moment in order to save to shop in Paris :)

  2. Wow $2000 thats awesome, what are you selling? Did you sell your chanel?

    I love those CL's!!

    Ahem need to give you judgement that you broke Frugal Friday!! Because I said I would. But it is hard to resist a bargain so I'll give you that. I like the scarf. i like anything with polka dots actually.

    1. Whaaaat! But... but.... I didn't break Frugal Feb?? Did I? I'm confused.

      Still holding onto my Chanel. Can't let it go for some reason.

    2. I thought any shopping is breaking Frugal Feb. What are the rules exactly?

      I would sell it if you don't use it. Think of the shoes in your wishlist or your holiday to Sth America

    3. Ohhhhhh. No, I can only spend what I make back on eBay. So if I sell my Chanel on eBay for $1000, I have $1000 spending money. That way I'm "reusing" money spent in previous months and not actually spending additional money this month.

  3. Wow $2000 on eBay! That's really good!!
    :) Yay for HG CLs. It was meant to be.


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