Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wedding shoes

I think the most common wedding question I've been asked is what shoes I'm going to wear and let me tell you it's tough.  It's like a mother choosing her favourite (Louboutin) child.

I definitely did not want to wear white shoes.  I'm just not that traditional.

SO.  I've decided on these babies for the ceremony and photos:

And then more reasonable/less neck-breaking heels for the reception.  I can't decide between a pair of custom strass peeptoes or a classic nude peeptoe:



  1. Definitely strass! Gorgeous. Are you sure you will be able to walk down aisle with first shoes. They are huge!

  2. A vote for the strass! You have plenty of nudes shoes. Excited to see what you pick! We're not actively planning so love to see what others are doing.

  3. Strass! Perfect for a wedding day

  4. i vote strass too ! They're beautiful xx

  5. I shot a wedding at this place in May of last year and the couple was thrilled! They had the ceremony out on the patio then came inside the Banquet Halls to a long-table format reception which was perfect. Their cake table was backed by some stunning views.

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