Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Parking signs

A few years ago I instagrammed this photo of a parking sign in North Sydney.


I'm glad to read about the proposal to make parking signs graphic to make it easier to read:

Image via smh.com.au
What do you think about this?  Would you prefer the graphical signs or do our existing signs not bother you?

PS - does it annoy anyone else that the graphic computer-generated sign doesn't match the parking restrictions in the photo??  No?  Just me?.....


  1. I sat there for awhile trying to match the signs haha, I like the new version!

  2. Oh wow that's confusing! The new ones are much better. :)
    Don't think we have ones this detailed in Melbourne!

  3. Imagine driving and trying to read the bloody parking signs... Good god.


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