Thursday, 30 October 2014

7 weeks til Christmas people!!

Where has the time FLOWN??

This year has just zipped past for me.  If I think back to this time last year....

  • I was in a different job at a different company in a different industry, dealing with a grossly incompetent and sexist Manager.  Thank god I got out of that one quick stat
  • I've changed jobs twice since then and today I absolutely love my job and my team and my current contract will take me through to my wedding next year
  • I had just returned from South America where I saw my cousin marry her Argentinian fiance, and going to house inspections trying to find a new place to live after our landlord gave us notice that they were trying to sell the apartment
  • I obtained my Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and declared I would never participate in any further post-grad study.  This still stands.
  • I wasn't yet engaged and was not organising a wedding + honeymoon and had a LOT more free time
  • I was lamenting about the fact that I don't exercise (actually that's not specific to this time last year but more a general statement) and I am actually proud to say that in addition to walking to work a few times a week (3.5km) I have joined a gym and doing Pilates/Pump/Boxing regularly.  I explored bikram yoga a few times but stopped that due to hypermobility.
What were you doing 12 months ago?

Oh I forgot to mention Christmas.  I feel like Christmas this year will be dealt with the week before.  I really don't have as much free time as I would have liked as I usually like to be organised for Christmas.  Luckily I am off work from 22nd Dec so there will be a lot of last-minute planning/shopping in the few days before Christmas.
Also, I am leaving for Bali on 2nd Jan so I really need to get my butt into gear and organise myself for that.  I don't even want to talk about the fact that I paid $900 for flights to Bali which were on sale for $120 a few days ago for the same flight dates.  

What are your Christmas plans?


  1. You've had a big year! Can't believe this year is almost finished. This time last year I was 19 weeks pregnant and travelling through the US on our honeymoon.

    1. I remember that! Can't believe it was a whole year ago... How is the little one going these days?

    2. He has been a happy little piggy (loves his food).

    3. That's awesome!! Love a kid with a healthy appetite :)

  2. 12 months ago I was still living in Sydney revelling in Springtime flowers and looking forward to summer. Now, I'm fretting over having nothing that will fit around my growing bump in a festering cold and grey skied city halfway across the world. Time definitely has flown Eeeek, that little time till Christmas?


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