Monday, 13 October 2014

Accidental hiatus

It seems I took an accidental hiatus from blogging while my life has been a continuous cycle of work > sleep > work > sleep > see friends/family > sleep.

Each work day consists of back-to-back meetings unless I can duck out to see the chiro/physio/odd gym class.  Some work days don't end til 11pm :S

I'm also organising wedding stuff in any down time I have as well as planning a last-minute trip to Bali with my sister.

Just want to pop in and say Hello I'm still alive.  I will hopefully be back to tell you more about the things that have been keeping me busy!


  1. Hello Kay ! Life sounds so hectic at the moment, hope you're well though XX

    1. Crazy but good!

      How have you been? How's the wedding planning going?


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