Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Getting serious about Bikram

I've started getting more serious about bikram yoga.  In true Kay style, I bought myself a new mat (my old $7 Kmart yoga mat just didn't cut it anymore) and a strap (pink, duh!) to make it easier to carry.

I tried the 3mm Lululemon mat but it was too thin for me so I got the normal one instead (5mm) which provides a lot more cushioning for my tush!

These are the main things I have learnt through doing bikram:
  • It's important to get the foundations right - previously I had been pushing myself to complete each pose perfectly even though I was 'cheating' and not straightening my standing leg, or straightening the leg but not touching the knee with my forehead.  I also learnt how some poses are meant to be executed and once I started doing it properly I stopped getting knee pain.
  • Water water water - the first few classes I took a normal water bottle and 20 mins into the class I was drinking warm water (gross) so I bought myself a Thermos double-walled water bottle:

  • Don't wear cotton - after completing the class you are completely drenched in sweat.  Cotton clothes just stick to you and make you feel so uncomfortable.  I've started wearing compression wear which dries almost instantly.  Much more comfortable.
  • Further to my previous point, tight clothes are the best option.  You can't really see the shapes you are making in the mirror if you wear baggy clothes.  
  • Relax during the savasana - there is a reason why you give you breaks lying down; use them.
  • If it's your first few classes try and stay in the room - it might be hot and humid but lying down on your mat in the room is much better than running out.  Not only for you but also for your fellow yogis.

What are your bikram yoga tips?


  1. Ooooh, The Mat is the best! I used to use my 3mm Pure Mat while I was first getting into yoga, but it doesn't compare to The Mat! Make sure you get a grippy mat towel for the top to make your Bikram practise even better - Yogitoes makes cool ones that have grips on the bottom so they don't slide around on your mat like a regular towel does.

  2. good to see you are getting so into yoga! hope it's helping with your stress levels :) i'm a pilates girl myself, but i can totally relate to how good it makes you feel.

    reckless abandon

  3. Awesome tips. I've done power yoga in a warm room but never bike am, really need to get myself to it.

    I just bought a lululemon mat too! Felt like such a wanker but my old old one wasn't doing the job any more and slipping all over the place. Makes SO much difference!


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