Monday, 24 March 2014

New kid on the block

Yep it's 12:26am and I'm writing a post from my bedsince Tom is interstate for a wedding so I'm not bothering anyone by having my bedside light on.

First week of work has been full on. I pretty much hit the ground running without much of an introduction or warm up period. I guess that's what happens when you have tight deadlines and not enough butts in seats. I worked 11 hour days twice in my first week already but I don't mind since it's still a much healthier working environment for me than my previous place. I'd almost forgotten the feeling of opening a stationery cupboard myself and picking out what I need instead of having to ask the lady with the stationery cupboard key every time I wanted one pen.

I even managed to walk home one arvo after work which was good exercise. Am planning to do the walk home more often. This means you will get to see more pics like this:


  1. Best of luck this week, Kay.

    Stay sane and I hope those walks home help clear your mind.

    SSG xxx

  2. Beautiful pic! I wish I walked home from work more often, but I am lazy!

    I hope work goes well for you and hooray for stationery cupboards you can access yourself!

  3. OMG ! Making you ask for the stationary cupboard key is just cruel :( glad to hear your liking your job though x

  4. I wish I had a view one quarter as good as that on my walk home!


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