Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Birthday vouchers

Birthday means shopping vouchers.  It's a happy time of year for me.

Kikki K gives you a $10 when it's your day of birth.  I used it to buy a sterling silver necklace with scissors pendant.  Retail was $80 I think, down to $40 and I paid $10 for it.

Mimco gives you $30 on your birthday and a week before my birthday they gave $50 to everyone to celebrate Mimco's 18th birthday so I had $80 up my sleeve.  My sister went to Birkenhead Point and scored an awesome tan handbag for $49 after she used her vouchers.  I went for the pink scarf and pink coin purse.

I got my free birthday Chatime but couldn't fit in a Boost as well.  What other birthday vouchers are out there??

While I was in Melbourne I visited the Uniqlo popup store and walked out with 2 merino wool jumpers.  Fuchsia and black.  I'm going through a fuchsia phase (am I ever NOT??!).  The xs is slightly too big for me but a few mins in the dryer will fix that.  They were giving out free camisoles or mens tees with each purchase.

And picked up these super cute Little Miss undies from Peter Alexander for half price.


  1. OMG i need new vneck tshirts!! Thanks for the reminder that I should visit the popup.

    1. They didn't have any tees when I was there last weekend :(

  2. Happy Birthday! Off the top of my head you missed: Baskin Robbins, Muffin Break, Subway, Salsa Mexican, Witchery, SABA, Sportscraft, Gloria Jeans (new), San Churro (or some other similar place?) and Priceline. Here's the full list:

    I didn't know Kikki K did jewelry?

    1. Yeah they released a few items in 2012 so this was the absolute last of them. Nice pieces!!

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