Friday, 14 March 2014

Healthy savoury muffins + panko chicken

I've been ticking things off my "enjoy unemployment" list before I start back.  This means a few trips to the beach while we still have summer sun, walks down to the harbour, sleep ins, shopping (next post), etc.

I've also been spending a bit more time in the kitchen because I'm sure I'll be restricted to "can I cook this with minimal mess in less than 30 minutes?" dinners soon.

A few days ago I decided to clear out all the veggies from my fridge and make healthy savoury muffins.  YUM!  I used this recipe but in true Kay fashion I was a bit more liberal with the salt and added different veggies but it was still delish (and a MUCH healthier snack than Tom's usual gummi bears/Chicken Crimpy shaped).

Inspired by Ling and her amazing panko prawns, I decided to get some panko action going.  Silly fiance didn't want prawns but wanted chicken so Kay attempted to make panko chicken nuggets.  Nowhere near as amazing as I'm sure prawns would have been but still worth making+eating.

For the record, leftover panko chicken is rubbish.  Fry and eat immediately!!


  1. I looove panko chicken nugget type things. Those savoury muffins look yum too. I thought I read once that you didn't cook?!

    1. I used to not be able to cook. Then I met Tom who also didn't cook so one of us had to give way and that was me. Now I love cooking and so happy that he loves cleaning!!


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