Sunday, 16 March 2014

Do you meal plan?

I decided to do a meal plan for next week as I'm starting a new job and I'm sure the last thing I will want to do after a long day is think about and make dinner.

This is what my meal plan looks like:
Monday - pork + rice stuffed capsicums with mint yoghurt
Tuesday - lebanese chicken with freekeh
Wednesday - dukkah chicken
Thursday - crab and vermicelli noodle soup
Friday - panko prawns with kale/quinoa salad

I like to choose a combination of meals where I can reuse ingredients because one of my pet peeves is food wastage.  Herbs are the worst offender - a whole bunch just for a sprinkle??

Tonight I tackled the lebanese chicken with freekeh as it takes longer than I care to cook on a weeknight.  I'm using freekeh for the first time - it's a wholegrain which looks/tastes similar to brown rice except it's thicker and less chewy than brown rice.  They used it on MKR last season and I've been keen to try it out.

I've cleverly made enough for 2 meals so all I have to do on Tuesday night is reheat.

Do you meal plan every week?  Where do you get meal inspiration from?


  1. I meal plan mon-fri too and I get my meal inspo from cookbooks, magazines or the weekend paper. I love looking for new recipes.

  2. That chicken looks delicious! I am not a huge planner but have a rough idea of what we'll eat when we do the shop.

  3. Might have to borrow your meal plan..

    SSG xxx

  4. I meal plan too ! Recently i haven't been so into it as i used too but i am keen to get started again :) Your meal plan sounds incredible, yum x

  5. I do absolutely zero meal planning because my husband does all the cooking at home :-)
    I do clean up after him though so it evens out, HA HA

  6. We meal plan as we get home quite late most nights, it helps so much. At the moment using the 5 ingredients 10 minutes cookbook for inspiration.

  7. I don't cook so don't do a meal plan, but le beau does. On the weekend we prepare food for the week, freeze it all so that before you go to work you move it to the fridge to defrost and when you get home you just bake/grill/cook it w/o having to prepare the ingredients. He plans as we go to the market and see what's fresh. Though the way I do it is by seeing what's on sale next week (this is with the assumption that we start getting the catalog before the sale). We also have a list of dishes on rotation and like to try something new sometimes, Jamie Oliver's quite inspiring.


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