Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sennheiser earphones, Vermicelli salad, Missoni for Target

Last night while 98% of Sydney was outside taking photos of the gorgeous sunset I was stuck inside this sun-less office getting reports out.  No pretty sunset pics here but just look at your facebook/instagram/twitter feed.

However yesterday I received my new earphones.  Boy oh boy these are fantastic.  I've always had trouble getting earphones to fit my ears because I have a tragus piercing which means the space in my ear is reduced.  I bought these Sennheiser earphones because they come with 3 different sized ear pieces.  The smallest size is perfect for me!  And the sound quality is amazing - slightly too much bass for my liking but really good at blocking out ambient noise.  You can get them from JB - here and here.

I have seen my cousin make this vermicelli salad and it always looks and smells amazing.  Is anyone interested in the recipe?  I'll need to work out quantities instead of my usual Kay 'chuck it in a pan and cross your fingers' approach.

In fashion news, have you heard about the Missoni collaboration with Target Australia?  8th October it gets released.  I've eyed off Missoni homewares in Myer and balked at the $500 price tag for a small cushion, so I cannot wait for this collaboration.

Weekend get up: Karl Lagerfield blazer, Nudie jeans, Maison Martin Margiela x H&M booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Mimco scarf, YSL Arty ring.


  1. Yes, give us the recipe! I am always on the hunt for new salad recipes.

    Interested to see this collaboration, I don't mind a bit of missoni.

  2. Recipe yes!
    Super excited about target/ missing. I want a bathrobe!

    I have over ear senheisers and they are the bomb!

  3. cute headphones! i have the bose overear ones, which are noise cancelling. i LOVE them!

    reckless abandon

  4. Another 'yes please' for the recipe :) Also super keen for this collection, might take the morning off work to get some of the good hehehe

  5. Hanging out for the collaboration buys and recipe. I love a vermicelli salad but never get the sauce right.

  6. Yes please re recipe!
    Husband and I are both Asian and suck at cooking Asian in particular. (Although to be fair, his family is also very French/Indian/Moroccan influence). No excuses on my behalf ;)
    And Missoni is always a good idea IMHO :P
    xx Deb

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