Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Another week in my wardrobe

Monday I started the week BRIGHT and early ;)
Sheike dress, Prada pumps

Tuesday I had a meeting with a very senior Exec so it was black blazer day.
Forever New blazer, Diane von Furstenberg silk blouse, Karl Lagerfield pants, Prada pumps

Wednesday.  Hump day.  Nothing exciting here.
River Island navy shirt, Uniqlo pants, Prada pumps, Kikki K scissors necklace

Thursday I wore pink in an effort to cheer myself up.  And it worked!
Marcs pink blazer, Oxford black skirt, Sheike white blouse with black collar, Christian Louboutin Corneille

Friday I dressed as casually as I could get away with, without wearing jeans.
Random stripey top from Amsterdam, J Crew cotton twill pants, Christian Louboutin Love Me pumps


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm partial to a bit of colour ;)

  2. Loving that yellow dress too!

    SSG xxx

  3. That yellow Sheike dress looks FABULOUS on you!!
    xx Deb

  4. love that yellow dress :)

    1. I wasn't sure yellow would suit my skintone but it can't hurt to try a bit of colour :)

  5. Gorgeous brights. I am in the black and white rut again. Makes like so easy but it's so boring!

    1. Oh trust me I could do b&w all day errday if I didn't force myself to take 10 seconds to think about what I'm wearing. b&w is just so easy, I don't blame you!


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