Friday, 1 March 2013

Verdict on Frugal Feb

Ok so I've made it through Frugal Feb and have succeeded in not spending more than the money I earned through ebay/returns.

All up I earned $7,300 and only spent $2,800 so I did pretty well.  But mainly, I learnt the one lesson I wanted to learn through this exercise: I learnt to plan and budget my purchases instead of throwing my credit card at any SA who would take it.

I kept a spreadsheet to keep track of all the numbers:

At one point, I hadn't earned enough to make a purchase I wanted to make, so I had to sell something else to get me over the line.  It made me rethink the purchase - do I really need it?  Is there anywhere I can get it cheaper?

And because I was in that frame of mind I started thinking frugally in other aspects - I planned meals around using up some of the stuff in our freezer/pantry.  I went to Myer to replenish my Clinique skincare regime (and because they had a GWP) but balked at the prices (Aus RRP is more than double US RRP).  Because I had bought them US duty-free I just couldn't bring myself to pay Aus RRP so I came home and searched online for a price closer to US RRP.

I enjoyed Frugal Feb so much that I might continue it in March!


  1. Wow is that just eBay or salary also? Wel done regardless! X

    1. Just ebay and returning a few items to NAP Indi :)

      Thanks ;)


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