Saturday, 5 December 2015

Black Friday goodies

UK Black Friday sales are nothing compared to the US.  But a tonne better than Australia.

After MUCH deliberation I ended up with the purple Ted Baker coat instead of the camel.  As much as I loved the camel I felt like it was too similar to my skin colour and I have irrational neurosis about that.

Ted Baker Lorili long wrap coat

Hopefully this 70% wool & 10% cashmere long coat will get me through London winter.  It cost me a bomb but it was my self-gift for finally landing a job after 6 months of no income.

One of the first lessons I learnt when I moved to London was: always carry an umbrella in your handbag.  The weather over here has bipolar and will change in an instant.  After my cheap Prague markets umbrella didn't survive the freak hailstorm that came and went in 10 minutes flat I decided to invest in a Fulton umbrella.

Fulton Minilite umbrella

I'm embarrassed to admit I've been sleeping with just a doona insert on my bed.  I deemed a doona cover one of those non-necessities that I could wait til I was earning pounds to buy.  I'd wanted a plain navy one (was eyeing Ralph Lauren Home but hella exxy) but ended up with this from Sheridan:

Sheridan Newmark Sterling Duvet cover
Side note - in the UK they call doona 'duvet'.  I thought a duvet was something else entirely.  I stand corrected,

I finally jumped on the NARS Audacious bandwagon - I "need" a berry lippie for winter.

NARS Audacious in 'Fanny'
The staying power is pretty good and I love the creamy texture with matte finish.  Very happy with this purchase.

BOOTS.  Cannot survive London winter without knee-high boots.  Comfy knee-high boots.

Faith black wedge boots
Also picked up a cashmere beanie and some ear muffs - London winter come at me!!


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