Monday, 14 April 2014

Rain rain go away

How depressing was this past weekend in Sydney?  Rain, rain, teeny bit of sun, torrential rain.  We had made appointments to inspect wedding venues, forcing me to leave the house but I had a bit of house-time on Sunday arvo while Tom played soccer (in the rain).

I baked an impromptu banana bread on Saturday arvo as I had 4 very sad-looking bananas in my fruit bowl. I maxed the banana goodness and minimised the unhealthiness by cutting back the sugar and using half wholemeal flour.

Sunday arvo relaxation time
I got a goodie bag from one wedding venue inspection!  Hooray for free stuff.  The only time I claim asian-ness is when freebies are involved.

What did you do to escape the rain this weekend?  Or was it not raining where you live and therefore you could be free and do normal things?


  1. Well done on looking at venues! What bad weather this past weekend. Hopefully it clears for the long weekend!

  2. Rained here for a few minutes, put the fire on, then of course it is back to about 25 and I've got a dusty ashy fireplace. Which would be why the gas log heater was invented.

  3. oooh you have begun the wedding process. Glad to know you braved it even in the torrential rain...

  4. I think it rained for 3 days straight here in Melbourne last week! Board games, baking and movies in bed was the thing to do. :P Also crafternoons!

    How's venue inspection going? Down here it seems like the session for open days is over. Pretty cool giftbag, so far we've received tea and chocolates. :P


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