Friday, 23 August 2013

Magnum pop-up store

Live blog from the line for the Magnum pop-up store...

3:59 joined the end of the THIRD line. Really? 3 lines? How long will I last?
4:00 made friends with the girl next to me because we'll probably be here for the next 2 hrs
4:10 ex workmates came to say hi and take pity on me. I pity me too. How long will I last?
4:21 Magnum chick walks around asking if it's everyone's first time. Yes it is. And why aren't you at the store making Magnums? I'm sure the line would move faster!
4:30 made it to the front of the third queue. Score!
4:31 chatting to the security guard to relieve boredom. He estimates it will be an hour from the back of the second queue. He'd also glad he's not working on the weekend (the pop-up store closes on Sunday). I don't blame him

4:35 my queue buddy has bailed. She has a life.
4:45 a few other ex work colleagues are visiting, one is keeping me company a while and telling me all about her impending wedding. Her dress is stunning. Her theme is black, white and bright pink! I will need to get advice from her when I get married
4:56 chicks in front of me just bailed. Score! Or are they the smart ones? What is the meaning of life?
5:04 wedding friend also has a life and has bailed
5:06 made it to the front of the second queue! That *only* took an hour. Kill me.
5:15 I'm finally in the first and shortest queue. I've reached a milestone. I'd like to thank my queue buddy, my ex colleagues who came to visit, my parents for always believing in me...

5:21 chick with a dozen Zumbarons is in the line. Surely that's enough sweets for you today? Why are you being so selfish?! I'm becoming delirious. What day is it again?
5:34 we have a pusher. We have a pusher. WE HAVE A PUSHER, PEOPLE! oh wait she was just chatting to her friend who was in the line. I need to calm down. My back is so sore and my feet are killing me.
5:41 hang on a minute I'm almost there... See you on the other side!

5:54 I've made it! I'm still alive! I love ice cream Nomnomnom


  1. Wow that is a really, really long line! Do you think it was worth the wait?

  2. So I was there at Westfield in its early days & was shocked that there was a queue of 10 people. In hindsight that was clearly nothing!!

  3. Love the running commentary! I can't beleive the hype! I did really wanna try but I seldom like waiting for food. Good on ya!

  4. Wait whut... you waited two hours for ice cream?! That's dedication, buddy! :)

  5. Gosh I could never wait that long! I think I'd just buy magnum and decorate the crap out of it at home with melted chocolate and stuff

  6. Hilarious. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE!!!
    - KK x

  7. Ahahaha I love the live feed, hilarious!!! Your Magnum looked quite appetising, mmm...

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