Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Sadly, I do not visit Ikea as often as I would like.  I took a friend there on Sunday as she is moving from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished apartment and needed to stock up on almost everything.  Obviously I took the opportunity to pick up some things since I was there anyway.  I also took the opportunity to gorge on Sewdish meatballs and almond cakes.  I also bookmarked some things I need to purchase when we have a bigger apartment/house.

NEED a sewing machine.  Maybe not this one - it looks like a toy

Pull out shelving with clear jars!!
I need this bin!  Not to be a bin but to be a toilet paper holder (I buy TP in bulk because I'm lazy but then have nowhere to put spare rolls)
 Lunch time!  I resisted the urge to get a 75c cinnamon scroll because I had already loaded my plate with Swedish meatballs, salt and pepper squid, and an almond cake with chocolate butterscotch!

Was VERY restrained and only purchased the following (we NEEDED everything except the thermos).


  1. I loveee IKEA, but I try to steer clear because I always come out with my wallet significantly lighter and my house ends up with more clutter that I really did not need but looked awesome!

    Mmm... that almond cake looks the absolute goods!

    1. What do you normally buy from Ikea?

      Almond cake was beyond delicious!!

    2. Candles... lanterns... kitchenware... photo frames... more candles... Daim bars... elderflower cordial... soft toys... candle holders... canvas prints... wall stickers... even more candles...

      TOO... MUCH... JUNK!!!

    3. OOohhh yes thanks for this list! Will take it with me next time I visit :)

  2. Get a Janome, they often come up on offer at Kmart and the like.

    1. I know!!! I need to get one after I get myself a bigger apartment.


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