Wednesday, 16 September 2015

London shopping list

I'm not buying anything at the moment because I would have to pay for it I AUD at the current horrendous exchange rate, but I've been collecting a list of things to buy once I'm earning £ (please employment gods let that be soon).

New Look Faux Fur Parka £39
Asos Petite Ultimate Parka $55

Miss Selfridge Khaki Parka Coat £69
Black wedge sneakers:
Nike Dunk Sky Hi - £85 but seems to be sold out in London so I might have to stalk ebay
Ash Bowie suede wedge trainers £175
Long down jacket:
Uniqlo long down jacket $79
Long wool coat:
No idea yet - just a standard long wool coat in a boring neutral colour

PS - it seems we can finally post non square photos to Instagram. As much as I've been waiting for this day, now that it's come my OCD has kicked in and I want them all to be square #ocdlife


  1. Some good choices!
    I didn't even think about the way you would be having to pay for it AUD :(

    I did not know this about instagram!? Off I go to check it out...

    1. Yeah I've been converting everything to AUD and it makes living here soooo expensive

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