Monday, 15 June 2015

Four months

So.  It has been some time.  Four months to be exact.  I don't even really know where to start but the past four months saw me:
  • celebrate my 29th birthday (that sure crept up on me... last time I checked I was 26)
  • bury my childhood dog after 20 glorious years on this earth (yes this is the same naughty dog that ate rat poison a few years ago)
  • spend my 5th and final Valentines Day with the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  Turns out that wasn't to be......  But on the plus side this means I....
  • made the decision to MOVE TO LONDON!!  I am boarding a plane on 5th August and have no return ticket booked
  • conduct a major purging exercise to get rid of my worldly possessions in preparation for moving my entire life halfway across the world
  • plan a Europe trip to kickstart my move to London and make the most of the northern hemisphere summer
It's been a roller coaster ride and most of the time I've just wanted to get the fuck off.  But life throws at you what it will and you just have to hold on for dear life til things settle down.  And only now have I started to feel like things are settling down.

I need to give credit to all the amazing people in my life who dropped everything to help me out when I needed it and who held me up when all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and stay there for days.  I'm not going to name them all individually as we would be here for days, but from the bottom of my heart



  1. So glad you're in a better place now, K!

    The crappy, painful things that happen to us eventually make us both better people and take us to better things and places.

    Bon voyage!

    SSG xxx

  2. It's good to see you looking to the positive! Not long to go until the big move! So exciting

  3. Oh no sorry to hear the wedding is off but hope you're ok!

    You will love London, have a ball. Ps the shopping is excellent. X

    1. Thanks Indi. I'm SO excited for the shopping :)

  4. Was looking forwards to reading all your wedding prep posts, though I suppose you wouldn't be going to London if that was still on? I'm hoping to go home, now that I'm on my own. As one door shuts, another opens. :) London sounds exciting! Did you get a transfer there through work?

    1. Oh are you going back to the US? I'm sorry to hear this Charlie.

      Not transferring with work - just landing and looking for a job! Stressful but it gives me more of a clean slate.

  5. Hi Kay,
    Sorry to hear your wedding is off. Things happen for a reason. Your impending adventure in the UK sounds exciting and I look forward to reading all about it on your blog. :-)


    1. Thanks BB. Even though it's hard to believe it right now, I know things happen for a reason and hopefully I can look back at this period in my life and appreciate it for what it taught me instead of getting filled with pain, hurt, anger, frustration. xx


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