Thursday, 20 November 2014

The curse of Asian eyelashes

There are infants..... male infants... who have longer lashes than me.  That is an absolute true story.  I have the curse of Asian eyelashes - short, stumpy and very very sparse.  On a section (about 1/3) of my left eyelash line I literally have 2 lone lashes.

I've tried many different mascaras and I haven't yet found my holy grail, just using a Clinique one as that's the one I most recently bought.  When Priceline announced their 40% cosmetics sale I thought I'd dig around for another lengthening mascara.

I came across this Mirenesse Instant Lash Transplant Lengthening Kit.  My Mum introduced me to Mirenesse a few years ago and I loved their mascara and lip gloss.  For some reason over the years I'd forgotten about them but when I saw the Lash Transplant product I knew I had to try it.

Step 1 is what they call transplant gel which to me looks like mascara.

Step 2 is the white fibres that attach to the transplant gel.

(sorry for the shocking photo but you get a general idea)...

Then you use the transplant gel again to make the white fibres black.

Step 3 is to comb out the lashes.

And voila!

I had some questions on Instagram....

Are they extensions?  Hehe no

How does it feel on?  I could definitely 'feel' it on my lashes but it didn't bother me throughout the day.  I have particularly sensitive eyes though (hence not being able to put contacts in) and by night time I felt like I was ready to take them off.  No need for makeup remover, just water was enough to wash them out - another plus.

Where can I buy this miracle worker? Jas they're an Aussie brand so I don't think you can get it in London.  Maybe you can get a friend to send you a care package from Aus?  Or I can do it if you want?

How does it compare to Chanel Le Volume? Actually never tried Chanel Deb, sorry :(  It's better than any lengthening mascara I've tried though, from Clinique to Maybelline to Estee Lauder.

What's it like on the transfer front?  No transfer that I noticed Q :)

NB: not a sponsored post, just a great product.


  1. Haha I love the white fibres! Looks like fairly floss!! :D :D

    And thanks for the reply re the Chanel one! I'm not even sure if that has 'fibres' or whatnot in them!

    I think you're onto a winner!

    PS Yeah, curse of the Asian lashes. Not to be creepy, buuut, when I treat a child at work, obviously I get a really close view of their face (and hence lashes as a coincidence). I'm often envious :-s. Yes I am an adult with full blown lash-jealousy haha!

    1. Oh I do the same thing!! It's super creepy but I can't help having lash envy

  2. Oh that's how it works. I have the curse too, but because I wear glasses full time nowadays, I no longer bother with Mascara. Might pop into priceline for this product when I am back in Sydney over Xmas though. It seems like a worthwhile investment.

    1. I wear glasses and I still wear mascara. Howcome you don't wear mascara because you wear glasses?

  3. Your lashes look a lot longer with that mascara on. My lashes are already quite long, so I think I'd look silly if I used that.

    Did it go clumpy at all?

    1. Not clumpy at all! I would kill for your lashes. Or anyone's lashes as long as they are longer than mine. Which is most people/animals.

  4. Wow that looks amazing!! Perhaps I need to give this product a go...darn Asian eyelashes!

  5. Wowsers! That does work...

    Though the white does look scary to apply!

  6. Wow Kay, your lashes look amazing with the Mirenesse Instant Lash Transplant Lengthening Kit!
    There is a massive difference in that picture at the end of your post.
    Isn't it awesome when you find a product that just works perfectly?
    I think I am going to have to buy one and try it out for myself!


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