Tuesday, 2 July 2013

More things I'm grateful for...

As the new financial year kicks in I've been reflecting upon FY13 and the last few months specifically.  I've also been meaning to do another "Things I'm grateful for" post since my last one was back in early April.

  • I've started driving to work so I'm grateful for my new commute time of 15-20 mins vs 1.5 hours walking/on the train (however I am NOT grateful for the parking ticket I received yesterday but that is entirely my fault)
  • Shorter commute time = more sleep in time which is a massive PLUS
  • I've booked everything for my South America trip.... only things left to do are apply for Brazilian visas and get vaccinated
  • I've started to get the hang of things at work and am feeling much more confident in my ability - also really enjoying the projects I'm working on and the people I'm working with (for the most part!)
  • My Louboutin collection is finally in a state I am happy with.  And by that I mean I own the shoes I want to own and I feel like it is a complete collection.  No this doesn't mean I will stop buying shoes but it does mean I won't stalk eBay as intensely as I have been
  • While we're still on eBay, I've deleted the eBay app on my phone as part of my "attempt to shop less" movement of FY14
  • Got a letter yesterday saying Congrats on finishing your Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance, your graduation will be later this year - hooray!
  • We've been pre-approved for a home loan and have started the dreaded house hunt in the Sydney property market.  This relates directly to my point about shopping less; Sydney houses are bloody expensive
...and here is my random pic of the day.  The coffee cup reminds me of a barber shop.


  1. Haha I love that the Louboutins are on your list. Hmmmm perfect collection, until the next blog post I suspect! Hehe

    1. Of course Louboutins are on my list!

      Noooo Indi please have faith in me. My last CL purchase was 21st June. Let's see how long it lasts.

    2. Ok so the last $1000 pair of shoes you bought was 2 weeks ago. WOWOWOWOW the restraint is amazing. HAHAHAH! Sorry you make me laugh

  2. Congrats on perfect CL collection, Grad Dip and Home loan approval! All very important milestones!

  3. how great is it being able to drive! i forget sometimes how much of a nightmare it was getting on two buses to work everyday.




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